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Today the weather is gorgeous and I have 50 million things that I should be doing and none of them include blogging. There is a very small but significant difference between being lazy and avoiding boring and uncomfortable things, at least in my mind there is. I have a ton of phone calls to make, but they are all business, uncomfortable conversations that leave me so terribly drained, I just keep pretending I don’t have time to make the calls. For instance, I have to resolve a few issues with my student loans and Senator Dick Durbin wants me to call his office to talk about my student loan struggles. (If you’ve listened to our podcasts you’ll know what I am talking about-short story, I defaulted on them due to strange circumstances and am finally getting everything resolved). I am eager to resolve all this and talk to the Senator’s aide, but it seems so… boring and mundane. Anyway, I have given myself a deadline of Friday, so we’ll see how that goes.

In less boring news I have two bits on information.

  1. here is the link to the Men Seeking Women clip I mentioned in one of our last couple podcasts… It is hilarious and well worth a watch.
  2. We are having a sponsor co-host our hashtag game April 23 Michael Jr. from Footer: Family Foot Measure will be sitting in on our game and selecting 4 winners to receive some neat prizes from his company. I enjoyed talking to him so much I invited him on the podcast. I don’t plan on making it a habit of having sponsors on the podcast, but Michael has some really interesting stories to share and because of that I am making an exception to chat with him.

So, there you have it, I would rather avoid talking with a SENATOR in favor of talking to a guy who sells home foot measuring devices. Yeah, that sums up the crazy that is me pretty well.

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