90’s Kids – Episode005

Published On August 12, 2015 | By Aaron | 90's Kids

Two weeks in a row, posting on time? Could the 90’s kids be overcoming their inner slacker?

Probably not.

This week we’re a bit more focused on books then usual opening up talking about Steve Martin’s (@SteveMartinToGo) biography, Felecia Day’s (@feliciaday) has a new one out and Brian totally recommends  The Nerdist Way.  After talking about Ron Howard’s finest film ever, Willow, we remember we have a podcast and need to do an intro.

Grand Theft Auto trolling, Real life vs Internet life with the Whitest Kids You Know. COD Remember, 90’s Kids is rated PG-13 at minimum and risesdepending on the mood of the hosts or their whiskey intake. Aaron is not a pirate, he just has a gold earring and is oddly knowledgeable about torrents.

Military Science Fiction is Aaron’s focus this week referencing the great Heinlein, David Weber’s Honor Harrington, John Ringo and the mobile suit.


Joss Whedon continues to be an inescapable influence when talking about science fiction and we say what we liked and disliked about Dollhouse.

Other recommendations for shows from Brian this week are: Almost Human, Forever, and Black Flag

Aaron has never finished watching Fargo and you can’t make him. Brian recommends the show highly.

Chaos on the Bridge! Bill Shatner has a new documentary out talking about Gene Rodenberry’s influence on TNG. We stack Shatner up versus other celebrity twitters and agree we’re sadly done with George Takei.

Stephen King is an amazing storyteller that neither Brian nor Aaron can actually finish or read. But we love the movies, miniseries and shows they make from his work.

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