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We will be discussing this on a future podcast, but it is on my mind now. I took the short personality test on and it was very interesting. Interesting because after taking it I realized I am kind of a flake. Now life has taught me how to not be a flake in most situations, but those lessons have come at a high price. I have lost friendships and even a job once because my personality tends to drive some people insane. But for this entry I just wanted to point out that I am an ENFP personality, others like me make up about 7% of the population and Robin Williams shares my personality. So, as long as I don’t loose it at some point in the future and give up I think I will be ok. I intend to foster my little spark of madness as long as I can. If you have no idea what I am talking about, just go 16 personalities and look it up. Or if you are an ENFP like me, you’ll probably already have lost interest in this blog and moved on. I promise I’ll add more interesting stuff later.

Also, Robin, you were just the absolute best. I miss you.

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