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I was born a poor black child. –The Jerk

If there is one thing that I have learned in this life, it is that you can’t live a full life by learning one thing. All my life I have flitted from project to project and I think after recording a bonus podcast with Jenny, I finally understand why. I am my father’s daughter. I grew up with him jumping from project to project and never really settling on any one thing long enough to complete it. Consequently, following his example I spent 12 years piddling around in college before finally finishing my Bachelor’s degree, taking time off to get married, back pack through Europe, have a child and switch majors three or four times. That all sounds awesome, but being a creative free-spirit has its downsides. For one thing, there is a reason for the stereotype of the starving artist. I have spent my adult life in near poverty, and even when I had a stable income, I’ve lacked the discipline to manage my money with any appropriate consistency.

If you can survive the constant stress of poverty, being an indecisive free-spirit has its upsides too. In addition to back packing through Europe I have run a Christian drama program for a while, been in several amazing plays, dabbled in digital photography, run a pre-school and Child care, published a short story and poem, played roller derby and helped make a 27 minute horror movie, (that, audio issues aside-was pretty damn cool-and I got a best actress award in college for it-oh yeah I starred in it too). Plus, I have at least 10 books I’ve started and they are all really, really great concepts, but follow through is pretty freaking hard for me, so…now I am blogging.

I have no idea what to do with this blog, but I also have no idea what to do with a podcast, but the podcast is starting to really pick up some steam thanks to some amazing guests and fantastic twitter followers. So maybe this little corner of crazy will be fun for some people to read. If not I’ll just be writing a bunch or random nonsense for my own amusement.

Well, that is the best introduction I can give. Read more or not, I am not going to tell you what to do. -Jenni


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