One Foot Over is comprised of a tight group of friends and family that got together and decided to start blogging and podcasting. On any given day you will find them checking out the latest trends in fashion, technology, film, and social media. They have a wide variety of interests and figured, hey why not put our hats in the ring and have some fun doing it!

Meet Your Hosts

brian Brian Watkins is a geek, plain and simple. He is a major film fanatic and really will watch about anything once! Brian is also a computer programmer and enthusiast. He got into computers very young when his grandparents gave him a Texas Instruments TI-99! He would spend hours with is dad learning to program basic and saving the programs to a tape…yes a tape. Brian moved through a host of computers from Commodore 64 to a home built 286, and so on. He learned hardware and software and eventually took a job doing tech support on a help desk for 3Com. Brian currently works for a university as a Senior .Net Developer. He is also an accomplished singer and guitar player, and has a band he started with some friends, Ingleside Avenue. Brian is a music producer and has produced music videos for a few artists. He is also working on several film projects at the moment. Brian spends his off time with his awesome wife Jenn(y) and two children.
jenny Jenny with a “Y” currently goes to school full time, where she is studying Nursing, is on the Dean’s List, and has been recently nominated for one of the most prestigious awards the academic community can bestow on a student: Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Jenny received her EMT-B license in 2000, and has had many jobs since, including… peddling underwear at a department store, Data Entry Specialist for a trucking company, Medical Assistant for an Orthopaedic Surgeon, Nanny and Church Secretary. Besides going to school full time, she raises her two children, ages 4 and 6, and she operates two small businesses out of her home office. Jenny is honored and excited to share her life experiences, and to give advice on how to be a better human.
jenni Jenni, with an “I,” spends her time juggling homeschooling her two children, writing, painting, and playing roller derby for the Aurora 88s. She has an English degree from Aurora University, with a minor in Art. She taught preschool for more than a decade and has had some of her writing published. An avid love of theater led her to run a drama program at her home church for several years. Jenni also loves reading and debating current cultural issues and trends with her bestie, Jenny with a “Y.” She recently joined Twitter, scoffs at google +, and is continually inspired by semi-wise facebook posts, when they have calming stock photo behind them,…just kidding, no, no she isn’t. However; Jenni does enjoy a good meme, and would love to hang out with George Takei, NicePeter and EpicLloyd.
jamie Jamie Lara is a self-proclaimed “professional trendsetter.” His insights are based on a lifetime of experience that searches for the truth in all things and a desire to promote the enjoyment of this wild trip known as “life.” An educated video production guy and English major, Jamie aims to enlighten others to open their minds to new points of view and to challenge preconceived ideas of all things in popular media. Jamie is an avid study of film and media production in all forms and seeks to find a way to be ahead of “the cutting edge” to provide an open way for all to interpret entertainment and share their ideas to find a true common ground where we all live in harmony.
jim Jim Hetzel Tech fanatic, gadget junky, aspiring minimalist. In a former life, Jedi trained by Yoda himself.
 craig Craig Dillman Video game fanatic, paint-baller, and into drones. Craig is part of the Change Log Podcast