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Published On April 16, 2015 | By Aaron | Married Man's Games

I want to welcome you to this space. Here I’m going to bring you all the latest and greatest gaming news and reviews of all the latest games. Not really. This is Married Mans Games, and to be frank most of us probably aren’t on the bleeding edge of all the most recent releases. We have kids, we have jobs, and we have spouses. What we don’t have is all the time and money to keep up to date. There was a time and space for that, called bachelorhood.

So some of these reviews are going to be a wee bit out of date. I’ll try to keep everyone up to date with sales if I see something nifty. If you’ve got a console I’ll be doing reviews of the free Xbox games that come out every month because that’s my main console. I also still game on PC and I’ve been super enjoying GOG’s release of old school games so expect to see a few of those. Also we’ll be looking at pen and paper games and even boardgames.

I’ve been gaming since before home pc’s had hard drives. My first machine was a TRS-80 with a weird port of Donkey Kong. Never owned an Atari but did have the first Nintendo. Played Battletech, Magic the Gathering, Warhammer. I still play boardgames like Small World, Catan, and Memoir 44. Didn’t play a pen & paper RPG till I was almost 30, however I still try to get my hand in on that when I can. If you’re on Xbox 360 I play a lot of Battlefield, just remember age and guile can still beat youth and reflexes. Gamertag is James Mctaggart.

Looking forward to this.

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